The PURE hemp designer bag range offers you style, quality and durability, made from sustainable, natural materials. Designed in Germany, PURE bags have a hint of sophistication.

Style and quality, with a choice of colours.

You will love their practical, robust form for everyday use whilst admiring the finer points of their features.

Selected bags are lined with soft and attractive cream fabric. All feature quality zips, buckles and fittings to compliment the package.

You will be proud to include a PURE hemp bag in your daily life – whether it be at work, going out, or relaxing away from home.

Made from sustainably sourced materials

PURE hemp bags are made from 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. Hemp fabric is known for its low carbon footprint whilst being the strongest plant fibre.

Hemp has remarkable natural qualities making it the perfect choice for hardwearing items, plus the benefit of having a beneficial impact on the environment.

Pure bags make a great gift

Discover the appeal of hemp in the PURE hemp bag range. They make a perfect gift for yourself or the special person in your life.