Hemp seed oil for horses

Hemp Seed Oil for Horses

Good Country Hemp will release a new hemp feed supplement for horses in 2021. It will be a coarse-milled mixture of hemp seed, hemp husks and hemp oil.

Our hemp meal blend will be high in fibre with the added benefit of omega 3, 6 and 9 which hemp oil is famous for.

A local horse owner has put his hand up to try our hemp products on his very fussy Australian Stock Horse “Cody” and reports the results as “absolutely remarkable”. We knew it would be good, but not that good!

Feeding hemp oil to Cody was especially good for future prevention of colic – as evident in his manure samples and his coat improvement was obvious.

We have engaged a nutritionist to advise the best ratio of our hemp ingredients to give the best results for all horses.

We are currently investing in milling and mixing equipment, and once it’s installed our new hemp blend for horses will be available in 20kg bags.

The price will be very affordable – because we run our own hemp processing plant and to be honest the horse blend will be made from by-products, but still pure hemp, highly nutritious and beneficial to horse health.

Stay tuned!

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