Hemp Flour 1kg

Australian Grown.Our hemp flour is made with South Australian grown hemp seed. Hemp flour is a great gluten-free addition to baked foods, with 46% dietary fibre and 21% plant based protein. It is 100% vegan, GMO free and has no additives or preservatives.


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Hemp flour.

Our hemp seed is grown and harvested by our local South Australian farmers. We naturally process the fresh hemp seed and can trace products back to the paddock. We guarantee the high quality and freshness of our hemp foods. Enjoy good health by including hemp foods in your diet every day.

How to use Hemp Flour:

Combine hemp flour with other flours to make muffins, bread, bars and dough. Add to hotpots, sauces, soups and slow cookers for extra body. Makes great biscuits, slices and cakes.

Hemp flour is gluten free, so start by using 50% hemp flour mixed with regular flour for best results.

Best Before date is 24 months.