Hemp for dogs

Hemp is a natural superfood and a fantastic supplement for all types of dogs. Simply add a small dose of hemp oil to your dog’s meal every day, or try our tasty, healthy dog treats!

Hemp is a complete food, containing many essential natural ingredients your dog needs for good health. Older dogs especially benefit from hemp because hemp contains natural anti-inflammatories which are known to relieve pain caused by arthritis and joint pain.


Good for your dog, naturally.

Hemp has incredible nutritional benefits for all animals. It has a complete amino acid profile, including all essential amino acids, and it’s huge on Omegas 3, 6 and 9 – healthier than fish oil and entirely plant-based!

  • Hemp oil improves joint health relieves symptoms of arthritis. It’s especially good for older canines.
  • Hemp oil naturally helps with itchy skin irritations, flaky skin and crusty nose bridges.
  • It will add a beautiful lustre to your dog’s coat. You’ll see a noticeable difference shortly after regular use.
  • It improves gut health and helps with digestion.
  • Great for general health and wellness, inside and out.

Why pay more?

Good Country Hemp pet supplements are natural products from our mainstream hemp seed processing lines. Our hemp crops are 100% grown locally and we process the harvested seeds right here, making sure nothing is wasted. Simply put, we’re paddock-to-pet!