hemp Protein

Need a protein boost every day? Our natural plant-based protein is pure 100% Australian grown hemp. Our super-smooth hemp protein powder  is fine and dry so it’s easily dissolved in smoothies and protein shakes. 

What does hemp protein taste like?

It’s got virtually no taste so go ahead and add flavors to suit your palate. A gluten free, vegan protein full of goodness for everyday health.

Protein as good as it gets.

Hemp is a high quality vegan protein popular with body builders and athletes because it’s a complete protein source. It not only  contains all 9 essential amino acids, but also Omega 3 and 6 for balanced health and natural anti inflammatory compounds (GLA’s) to help with muscle recovery and soothing joint pain. 

  • 100% plant based protein, around 48% naturally processed without chemicals from cold-pressed hemp seed
  • easily digested, easily absorbed
  • hemp protein has all 3 branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s) for reduced protein breakdown
  • contains anti-inflammatory compounds – gamma-linoleic acids (GLA’s) – for muscle and joint pain relief and recovery
  • Contains all Essential Fatty Acids
  • It’s got the perfect ratio of Omega 3, 6 & 9 for human health
  • Contains vitamins D3, E and A
  • Soy, dairy and gluten free
  • Low in cholesterol, allergens and toxins
  • Contains antioxidants, great for your immune system.

Hemp protein is naturally good for you.

Good Country Hemp’s protein powder is a natural protein concentrate, not an isolate. The average protein content is 48%, achieved through a traditional milling process. Unlike protein isolates, our protein powder is made without chemicals and without energy-intensive processing methods, so it’s a natural addition to your diet!