Hemp Protein Powder 20kg

Our bulk hemp protein powder is made using Australian grown hemp seed. Mildly flavored, it easily blends with shakes and meals. Over 50% protein, ideal for athletes, vegetarians or vegans. It dilutes easily making it easy to use for the healthy protein hit you need to fuel your body.

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Bulk hemp protein powder.

Our hemp seed is grown and harvested by local South Australian farmers. We naturally process the fresh hemp seed and can trace each product back to the paddock. We guarantee the high quality and freshness of our hemp foods. Enjoy good health by including hemp foods in your diet every day.

How to use Hemp Protein Powder:

Sprinkle on yogurt, cereal and salads. Add to shakes, smoothies, sauces, soup stock, burgers, power bowls and granola bars. Hemp protein won’t overpower your drink or favorite dish, so try combining it with any meal.

Best Before date is 24 months.