hemp farming

Hemp is one of the world’s oldest cultivated crops which is now seeing a huge resurgence in area plantings in Australia and overseas. The demand for nutrient rich plant foods containing high protein like hemp continues to grow.

Hemp is a truly amazing crop which replenishes and boosts soil health. Growing hemp returns valuable organic matter to the soil, building the soil with natural goodness to boost soil nutrients and vitality. Hemp grows quickly and competing weeds are naturally suppressed, making hemp useful and healthy for farmland.

Save our river systems

We’re concerned about the increasing stress and declining health of our natural river systems, so we decided from the start to only use local farmers who use water from vast underground aquifers in our region for irrigation.

Low food miles.

We only buy our hemp seed from farmers within 150km of our processing plant. We’re lucky to be based in one of the most rich and diverse agricultural regions in Australia.

Reducing greenhouse gasses

Hemp has a remarkable ability to use carbon from the atmosphere and put it back where it belongs – in the soil. Growing hemp gradually regenerates carbon-depleted soils by sequestering carbon and locking it into the soil for plants to use. After harvesting the seed, the large volume of biomass left in the paddock is ploughed in to boost soil carbon and benefit future crops.

No GMO’s

Our hemp crops are completely free from genetic modification.

Carbon neutral food processing

We are currently working towards becoming a carbon neutral food processing facility. We are conscious of our environmental impact and will reduce our carbon footprint by offsetting our use of fossil fuels caused by our daily business activities such as transport and processing.