Hemp for Horses

Hemp is well known for its beneficial properties for humans and horses. Hemp has been grown as a wholesome food source for thousands of years and through modern science we’re now able to understand its true potential for superior animal health.

Our 100% pure hemp products are made from locally grown hemp seed crops and formulated in our own facility. We have a continuous supply chain from farm to finished product ensuring high quality, effective products at affordable prices.


Horses need good nutrition.

Horses need fibre, protein and a comprehensive spectrum of nutrients. From highly trained competition horses to retired family companions, hemp can provide a range of nutrients necessary for good health.

  • As well as containing excellent fibre and protein levels, hemp contains hemp has Omegas 3 and 6 in a balanced ratio and natural anti-inflammatories (gamma-linoleic acids). 
  • Hemp is a good source of plant-based protein containing the full spectrum of amino acids, including all essential amino acids.
  • Hemp is high in digestible fibre and contains virtually no sugar.
  • Hemp contains a list of vitamins and minerals.

What are the benefits of hemp?

There is a long list of benefits that come from feeding hemp to horses which unfortunately we are not allowed to mention, due to absurd restrictions imposed by the AVPMA, a government bureaucracy regulating veterinary medicines.

Let’s be clear – hemp foods are nutritional products containing only trace quantities of THC and CBD, but the AVPMA wrongly classify hemp foods as “veterinary chemical products”. Ridiculously, under the Australian Food Standards Code (FSANZ), hemp foods are deemed safe to eat for infants, children and elderly humans, but the same hemp foods fed to pets is somehow unsafe. The Australian Hemp Council is currently working with the AVPMA to update legislation.

Pet owners who have fed hemp to their animals know what positive differences it can make.

What about THC and swabbing?

All hemp crops in Australia are tested for THC by authorities and must fall below certain limits before harvesting. However, hemp foods contain slight traces of THC, and swabbing a horse which has consumed hemp may return a positive result.