Hemp for Horses

Hemp is a natural superfood and is well known for its outstanding nutritional and medicinal properties. Hemp has been grown as a wholesome food source for thousands of years and now through modern science we’re able to understand its true potential for superior animal health.

Our 100% pure and natural horse feed supplements are made from locally grown hemp seed and formulated in our own facility. We have a continuous supply chain from our hemp growers to finished product. No outside sourcing of ingredients, ensuring high quality, effective feed supplements at affordable prices.


Why is hemp so good for horses?

Horses need fibre, protein and a comprehensive spectrum of nutrients for superior health, varying widely between individuals. From highly trained competition horses to retired family companions, hemp feed supplements can provide a wide range of essential nutrients.

  • In addition to being highly nutritious with good fibre and protein levels, hemp contains natural anti-inflammatories (gamma-linoleic acids) which are proven to relieve discomfort caused by arthritis and joint conditions in horses, assisting their mobility.
  • Hemp is rich in Omegas 3 and 6 in an ideal ratio matching a horse’s requirements for essential fatty acids.
  • Hemp is an excellent source of plant-based protein containing a full spectrum of amino acids, including all essential amino acids.
  • Hemp is high in digestible fibre and contains virtually no sugar.
  • Hemp contains a list of vitamins and minerals.

Importantly, hemp is a cool feed and owners actually report that feeding hemp calms their horses, making them more placid and easier to manage.

What are the benefits?

Feeding hemp to your horse regularly is likely to:
  • Give a healthy skin and shining coat,
  • Prevent itchy skin, and Queensland Itch,
  • Relieve joint pain and help muscle recovery, improving mobility
  • Relieve arthritis symptoms,
  • Strengthen the immune system,
  • Improve hoof health and repair.

Which hemp supplement is best for my horse?

Hemp Oil          Best for a shiny coat, preventing itchiness and direct treatment of arthritis and joint conditions.

Husks and Hearts      High in fibre. Good for gut health but contains additional hemp oil for healthy skin and joints.

Hemp Horse       High in protein for building and maintaining condition on active horses. Added hemp oil for skin, joints, and muscle recovery.

What about THC and swabbing?

All hemp crops in Australia are tested for THC by authorities and must fall below certain limits before harvesting. However, our horse feed supplements may contain slight traces of THC, and swabbing a horse which has consumed hemp may return a positive result.