Hemp Hound 2kg

Hemp Hound is the perfect daily supplement for your dogs, cats or horses. Its natural anti-inflammatory properties are well known for joints, muscles and arthritis. It’s great for healthy skin and a shiny coat. It has a full amino acid profile with omegas 3, 6 and 9.

Recommended dosage is:

Small dogs – 5mL per day

Medium dogs – 10mL per day

Large dogs – 15mL per day.



Additional Information

See the difference Hemp Hound makes.

This superfood for dogs comes with all the great nutrition of hemp oil.

Hemp Hound is 100% Australian and produced in our food grade processing facility from locally grown hemp crops.

Why is Hemp Hound cheaper than other hemp oils? Because we process thousands of litres of cold pressed hemp oil per year, and this is a nutritious by-product from our filtered premium quality supermarket grade hemp oil. No additives, just pure hemp. Your dog will love it. Why pay more?

A supplement for joints, muscles, arthritis and skin.

Join the hundreds of pet owners who have told us the amazing difference they’ve seen after adding Hemp Hound to their pet’s diet. Try it on your beloved cat, dog or horse and write to us with a photo about the difference it makes. Hemp is amazing stuff!