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Soft, white creamy hulled hemp seeds. South Australian grown and produced right here. Tastes great, fresh and packed with goodness. Naturally high in protein, rich in omega 3, 6 and 9, with a full amino acid profile. How GOOD can you get?

How GOOD is this?

Our hemp foods are completely safe and healthy to eat for everyone.

Local farmers grow our premium quality hemp seed in the Limestone Coast region close to our processing facility. We can trace each packet and bottle to the paddock where it was grown. We guarantee the quality and freshness of our hemp foods.

Enjoy the great taste of eating our nutritious hemp everyday.

How to use Hulled Hemp Seeds:

Sprinkle hulled hemp seeds on yogurt, cereal and salads. Or add them to shakes, smoothies, breads, pancakes, granola bars and baked desserts.

Best Before date is 24 months.