Husks and Hearts

Husks and Hearts make an excellent high fibre horse feed with all the beneficial nutrients of hemp seed. Also referred to as Hulls and Hearts, they’re the husks removed from hemp seed when it’s processed for food. The kernel is packaged as hulled hemp seed sold in supermarkets as a tasty and healthy food for humans. Depending on the processing efficiency, the husks still contain some hearts varying roughly between 5 and 20 percent.

Fibre, Fibre, Good Quality Fibre.

Horses need lots of fibre in their diet. Fibre sources such as hay, pasture grass and chaff are vital for a healthy digestive system, and it should be the majority of the diet to provide slow-release energy. Fibre is like a vehicle which constantly moves nutrients through the horse’s large digestive system. A good daily source of fibre is essential for gut health and equilibrium.

Poor quality fibre or roughage sources don’t give horses the daily nutrients they need, especially active horses. Good quality fibre sources will contain essential vitamins, minerals, protein and fatty acids needed for good health. If not, these essential nutrients should be supplemented.

For horses relying on natural pasture grazing, seasons and pasture quality impact their nutrient intake. In this case supplementing their diet (or restricting their diet) becomes essential for proper health. Wet grass during winter can contain less than 25% dry matter making it harder for a horse to meet its daily fibre requirements and energy demands. Providing a constant source of good quality hay is a good idea during winter months to maintain a horses condition.

Essentials to a Good Diet.

What makes Husks and Hearts a good diet supplement for horses is because it’s almost 60% fibre, plus a swag of good nutrients. It’s standout feature is Omegas 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids. Your horse doesn’t produce essential fatty acids from food, so it’s essential to include them in the diet. Hemp happens to contain Omegas 3, 6 and 9 in the correct ratio for your horses health, straight out of the box. No need to juggle different sources of oils to get the correct Omega blend.

Hemp contains a complete amino acid profile for muscle recovery and conditioning. It’s rich in Gamma Linolenic Acids (GLA’s) – natural anti-inflammatories known to help with joint conditions, arthritis relief and skin irritations. It contains anti-oxidants, vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and calcium to support overall health, immunity and vitality of your horse.

Cold Energy

Metabolizable energy of Husks and Hearts is around 12MJ/kg. This is comparable to a high energy horse feed blend, but Husks and Hearts contains no sugar. It’s considered a cold feed and it’s unlikely to make horses excitable. In fact hemp has an overall calming effect (no, horses don’t get “stoned” eating hemp) possibly reducing anxiety related issues. There may be slight traces of THC in Husks and Hearts, so be mindful for horses that get swabbed.

Naturally Good.

Husks and Hearts is a pure product with no additives. Despite being one diet component it contains a whole range of nutrients which would otherwise need to come from other supplements. For a typical 500kg horse, 200 to 400g per day of Husks and Hearts will provide good nutritional value. Of course, you are the best judge of your horses health and dosage will vary according to your horse and its activity.

Hemp is a natural superfood and has lots to offer. It’s definitely emerging from its sketchy history into a seriously useful plant for all types of things. But it’s standout attribute for over 3000 years has been it’s nutritional value. It’s not called a “complete food” for nothing.