Attitudes Towards Hemp Foods

Hemp has been incredibly polarizing especially since the 1970’s. Practical uses to save mankind versus the illicit substance that was once thwarted as responsible for destroying peoples brains. We know the latter is untrue. Other demonizing claims about hemp were used as political propaganda to end its true potential as being a plant that would one day grow to be part of our everyday lives.

Momentum is shifting and gradually hemp is emerging again. Today hemp is seeing more innovation around bio-plastics, bio-composites, textiles, building products, health foods and more. As time progresses there will be more investment driven by environmental pressures, forcing governments to liberate hemp from old laws which restrict its progress.

What People Actually Think about Hemp Foods.

A 2020 survey of over 1000 Australian consumers was undertaken by the University of Adelaide. The survey is titled “Consumer Use and Attitudes towards Hemp Foods and Beverages”. It shows that 52% of respondents did not know for sure that “hemp foods for sale in Australia contain either no or low levels of THC”. Amazingly, 41% thought this statement was false. In other words only 7% knew the truth about THC in hemp foods.

Only 6% of those surveyed knew that hemp was being grown in Australia for food production.

The survey also showed how people would behave on their next shopping trip. Less than half would be “somewhat willing” or “very willing” to buy hemp foods. About 25% were undecided. It looks like education is the key. Consumers won’t buy what they’re not familiar with, and certainly won’t buy what they don’t know about.

What’s Attractive about Hemp?

The survey group was asked about what benefits about hemp would interest them the most. Grown in Australia was top of the list, followed by high in protein. Fibre content, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and gluten free were next in order. It’s good to know consumer preference is for local product, but we know that the real buying decision is made at the supermarket shelf.

Spreading the Good Word.

If more people knew about the health benefits of hemp foods, more people would eat it. It’s a complete everyday food, and it’s so easy to use. Hulled hemp seed, hemp seed oil and hemp protein powder included in breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks is revitalizing for our bodies. Hemp is a nutritious substitute for many common foods and it’s got a great sustainability record. There’s so many good things to learn about hemp it can be overwhelming. We’ll just start one meal at a time.