Hulled Hemp Seeds 500g, Australian Grown


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Soft, white creamy hulled hemp seeds 500g. South Australian grown and de-hulled here in our own factory. Tastes great, fresh and packed with goodness. Naturally high in protein, rich in omega 3, 6 and 9, with a full amino acid profile. How GOOD can you get? Virtually no bad trans fats or sugars.

Hemp is one of the unique foods containing natural anti-inflammatories (GLA’s). Adding hemp to your diet hemp every day will relieve joint and muscle pain, arthritis and many skin conditions.

Our hemp foods contain no THC or CBD, and are completely safe to eat for people of all ages.

Local farmers grow our premium quality hemp foods in the Tatiara district close to our processing facility. Hemp seeds are dried after harvest, graded and sorted for either cold pressing into hemp seed oil or de-hulling into hemp hearts. We can trace each and every packet and bottle we fill back to the paddock. We guarantee the quality and freshness of our hemp foods.

Enjoy the remarkable health benefits of eating hemp everyday. Be a part of the growing movement towards greater agricultural sustainability and reducing atmospheric carbon.

How to use Hulled Hemp Seeds 500g:

Sprinkle hulled hemp seeds on yogurt, cereal and salads. Or add them to shakes, smoothies, breads, pancakes, granola bars and baked desserts.

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