Superfood for dogs!

Because dogs don’t go food shopping, they rely on you for their balanced diet. Hemp oil is a fantastic supplement for a healthy pet and will do wonders for their skin, coat and movement. Similar to humans, your dog will find relief from arthritis and joint pain with daily additions of hemp oil to their regular diet.

Hemp Hound is pure, food grade hemp oil which is a by-product from our cold-pressing operations. When we cold-press pure hemp seed, the oil has some light sediment which settles out prior to bottling. It’s this oil sediment which is bottled in Hemp Hound. Perfectly good quality, fresh and tasty with naturally added hemp fibre to go! And cheaper than buying pure hemp oil.

We recommend a teaspoon or more per day depending on your dog’s weight and condition. Give some a try and we almost guarantee you’ll see great results in a short space of time.