The rise of hemp flour.

Hemp flour is a healthy, gluten-free alternative to other plain flours, with a huge 46% dietary fibre and 21% protein, but low in carbohydrates, sugars and bad fats. With these great features we should be eating hemp bread every day! BUT hemp has a good problem – it’s gluten free! The problem is that gluten is the protein structure that gives bread it’s volume, so without gluten you get a loaf of bread which is compact and dense. So try mixing hemp flour with other types of flour to give your loaf a lift (we suggest to start with a 50/50 blend and go from there).

The good news is that biscuits, cakes, quiches and slices love hemp flour! Hemp flour is great substitute for plain flour and will give your favourite recipes a great flavour and texture, with health benefits to go. Give hemp flour a try and take your baking to a new space!