We’re a food awards finalist!

Hemp foods – a great new product!

Fantastic news for Good Country Hemp this week. We have been announced as a finalist in the SA Premier’s Food and Beverage Industry Awards in the new products category. Last week we were scrutinized by 3 independent judges via an online interview. We took the maximum interview time of an hour and a half – there were so many good questions and answers. It’s easy to talk about something you’re passionate about, and all of us here think hemp foods are really special. The judges must have been impressed during the interview and virtual tour of our hemp seed and hemp oil processing plant because a week later we received the great news.

The winner will be announced on the 13th of November at the Adelaide Convention Centre at the gala dinner event. The dinner will be a showcase of South Australian foods, with a sprinkle of our hulled hemp seeds included somewhere.

There are 3 other great South Australian food businesses partnering in our quest for the best new product for 2020. They are Goolwa PipiCo, Kimchi Club and Golden North Ice Cream. All worthy contenders.

Actually, hemp is ancient.

We’re proud of our hemp food products and the knowledge that we’ve revitalized an ancient crop which has sustained mankind for thousands of years. Hemp was cultivated 4000 years ago for food and fibre and has thousands of uses. The human health benefits of hemp are well known. In this age of modern medicine hemp has remained as a cornerstone to natural health. We just need to eat more of it. Perhaps we’re not worthy of being a “new product” winner because hemp is such an old staple in the human diet.

Speaking of new products, hemp is a front runner in many new developments outside the food space. Especially in the area of hemp bioplastics for packaging products. Wouldn’t that be good?

Thank you to all of our loyal customers and wholesalers who believe in our good foods, to Food SA and our great staff who have all helped to get us here today. Oops, does that sound like an acceptance speech? Maybe we better wait until the awards night. Here’s to us and all the other fantastic South Australian food producers. Buy local!