Hulled Hemp Seed ~ Australian grown ~ Family Owned & Operated


PADDOCK – Australian grown hemp seed, farmed in the Limestone Coast region of South Australia. Hemp replenishes and returns valuable organic matter back to the soil. It builds the soil with natural goodness and boosts soil nutrients and vitality. The thick canopy growth of a hemp crop prevents sunlight from reaching the ground, suppressing weed growth, making hemp healthy and useful for farmland.

PROCESSINGHemp seed is taken direct from the harvester to our South Australian warehouse for drying and hulling. Hulled hemp seed is cracked and cleaned with low traces of husk, resulting in a tasty, good quality, local product.

PACKAGING – Good Country Hemp use Australian packaging to bring you a fresh product that will last in your pantry.

PLATE – Available from our online store, and over 70 retail outlets in South Australia, and expanding Australia wide. Fresh local hemp seeds are becoming a household and restaurant item.

Hemp seeds are high in protein, contain omega 3,6 & 9, essential fatty acids. By adding a balance of essential fatty acids into your diet, you can assist your body to help balance out cholesterol levels – preventing heart disease and reducing diabetes risk. Hemp seed protein is critical for brain development and boosting memory.

Add hulled hemp seed to: yoghurt, muesli, smoothies, eggs, avocado, bruschetta, salads, vegetables, savoury dishes, quiche, sausage rolls, frittata, hamburger mix, bread, cakes, puddings, crumbles.