Hemp Seed Oil and CBD.

It’s easy to get confused about hemp. From nutritional, medicinal, fibre, forage and more, each side of hemp is a discovery on it’s own. Most confusion lies around hemp foods, THC and medicinal CBD products. Do hemp foods contain CBD? If I eat hemp foods will I return a positive drug test? Will hemp seed oil give pain relief the same as CBD? Lets try to answer these questions.

Laws Around CBD Oil.

Current regulations for hemp foods allow for 75 parts per million of cannabinoids (CBD). When our hemp seed oil is tested for CBD the levels are below the minimum detectable levels of 10 parts per million – well under the regulatory levels. This is because CBD is extracted from the hemp leaves and hemp seed oil is cold pressed from hemp seeds.

Currently, CBD is a schedule 4 drug under the TGA in Australia. This means they can only be legally obtained at a pharmacy with a doctor’s prescription. There are moves to make CBD products available over-the-counter at pharmacies in Australia but this will take more time.

Importing CBD products into Australia is currently illegal, and Australian Border Force officials may enforce the law even for small quantities ordered online.

CBD products can be freely purchased and used in the USA so long as the THC content is under 0.3%. They can be shipped internationally if the THC content is under 0.2%, however Fedex has CBD products on their list of prohibited items.

So, the CBD wave will eventually come to Australia when the TGA prove to themselves through clinical trials that it’s safe (even though these trials have been repeated overseas many times).

Hemp Foods and Drug Tests.

Hemp seed oil for retail sale is processed from hemp seeds. You can be assured that eating large quantities of hemp foods will not put you at risk of a positive drug test. We get asked this question a lot, especially from truck drivers and construction workers where workplace drug testing is mandatory.

CBD Oil vs. Hemp Oil

We know that cold pressed hemp seed oil has some amazing health benefits. Hemp seed oil definitely relieves arthritis symptoms, joint pains and skin conditions. We also see anecdotal evidence showing that feeding hemp to horses and dogs has a calming effect on them.

CBD does all of the above but with higher potency. It’s an effective treatment for stress and anxiety, insomnia, depression, and pain. In addition, CBD has a remarkable effect on certain psychiatric disorders and epilepsy.

Hemp seed oil has incredible nutritional credentials, and to a large extent a healthy body is the best medicine for mental health. A wholistic approach to physical and mental health is what hemp foods can compliment.

Hemp Helps Everyone.

What sets hemp apart from other plants is it’s usefulness to mankind in many ways. I guess that’s why it was one of the earliest domesticated crops, and why it’s undergoing huge development today.

No other plant is as beneficial as hemp. We simply need to use more and grow more hemp. As restrictions around the use of hemp relax further, and as education about hemp filters through, we will see these benefits spread further worldwide.